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Welcome to the Lakeshore Internet

We provide fast and reliable Internet service to the Lakeshore East Community and LPM Apartments in Minneapolis. Lakeshore Internet buildings enjoy speeds of up to 50 Mbps or higher, which is included in resident's utiltiy or monthly association fees. LSI offers speed upgrade plans at a reasonable prices. Please select the building of your choice to know the speed availability you may enjoy.

For Enquiries

Please contact support at (312) 278-2002. Technical Support Schedule: Monday through Friday at 8 AM to 6 PM. Please note: Calling after support schedules will direct you to voicemail, please leave a message and our technicians will get back to you during our regular schedule.

Today's Specials

Wireless Router
Price: $10 Rental
Wireless Router
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Wireless Router with Upgrade
Price: $5.00
Wireless Router with Upgrade
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